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Plstermöbel Oelsa - Funktion mit Komfort

S. Tillich besucht PM

Im Rahmen seiner Wahlkampftour hat unser Ministerpräsident Stanislaw Tillich am 27.8.2014 auch die Polstermöbel Oelsa GmbH in Rabenau besucht. Dabei standen neben einem Betriebsrundgang auch Gespräche mit der Belegschaft und der Geschäftsführung im Mittelpunkt.


PM bei GastRo 2014

Vom 16. bis 19. November sind wir auf der “GastRo 2014" in Rostock vertreten.

Holen Sie sich doch einen Vorgeschmack in unserer Broschüre

Broschüre “Komfort und Funktionalität" (PDF 5,3 MB)



imm cologne 2014

 From 13.01. to 19.01.2014 in hall 6, stand c70/71 at imm cologne like to welcome you:

Mr. Langer, Director of sales, as well as the ladies and gentlemen of the external service. 



Mebel Moscow 2013

Of 18 to 22 November, we are represented in the "German Pavillion".



Functions are the most important criteria for the consumer. rn Heiko Langer, manager of distribution at Polstermöbel Oelsa, is extremely pleased with the results of the M.O.W. in Bad Salzuflen. "Above all, the clear increase in new customers is pleasing," states Mr. Langer. "An important factor in this case is our new activity in Switzerland, where we were successfully able to enhance our external sales team with the addition of Monique Groß."
The new "Modern Living Collection", which PM Oelsa previously presented at the MOW 2008 im September with a high degree of success, is particularly interesting to the modern Swiss market. The main characteristic is of course the unique functionality of items offered by the Saxons, for example patent-protected solutions such as the "Vitalbett", which were presented at the Spring MOW, and which have also been expanded.
The new "Tigris" model was presented with this collection. A new series with a modern design, different looks for lateral sections with rich applications, and low seat heights,
 which now offer a new double bed system in addition to the divan function. The proven "Softmatic solution", which was co-developed by PM, is the basis for the new double bed system, which features a sleeping surface of 200 x 140 cm. This also includes a peppy outer corner section with a folding and locking stool that can easily be transformed into a long chair; this also forms a divan for sleeping simultaneously.  
The level of interest of various associations at the Oelsa stand was also high and successful. Besides new functional solutions, the appealing and diverse selection of cloth and the look of the stand was also praised. Among other things, the new properties and colors of the microfibre Longlife cloth, which was also presented by PM Oelsa, was a tremendous success and was ordered by customers.
With regard to the question of whether we will be presenting in Spring 2010 (Cologne and MOW), has not yet been completely made clear. It is however certain that PM Oelsa will not be presenting at both trade shows, since the date of the MOW March of next year leaves barely 8 weeks between Cologne and Bad Salzuflen.

"This is above all neither sensible nor manageable due to current financial circumstances," remarks Dr. Käppler, General Manager at PM.
The majority shareholder in PM, Dr. Käppler, is also very pleased with the results of the trade show: "Our goal is to increase our growth by continuing to broaden our customer base. The MOW has also contributed to this strategy." rn Download: Article in Möbelmarkt 05/2009 (PDF)


New item

guarantees optimal seating and divan comfort at the press of a button. 

Test it yourself!



Polstermöbel Oelsa celebrates its 140-year anniversary in Cologne, making it one of the oldest companies in the furniture industry. rn Download: Article in Möbelmarkt 01/2009 (PDF)