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Anyone who decides to purchase leather furniture must be aware that leather is a natural product. And just like in nature, no two pieces are exactly the same. Produced from animal hide, each piece of leather is unique, and it featuresspecial properties due to its particular history.

On average, 5-6 leather hides are used per piece. Different surface structures make variations in fibres and colors unavoidable. Exactly this natural appeal is what fans appreciate, since this proves the authenticity of the material.

At PM Oelsa, only high-quality semi-aniline leather is processed, which may differ according to strength and other qualities. Unique characteristics and the natural properties of the leather remain largely unaffected.

Longlife Leather care set from PM-Oelsa

Care tips

Longlife high-quality leather from PM Oelsa

Longlife leather by PM Oelsa is a top-quality product consisting of selected hides that is especially soft to the touch and very easy to care for, and which also features a 5-year guarantee on lightfastness and ease of care.

Longlife leather by PM Oelsa is produced in a natural and environmentally freindly manner with care and traditional craftsman processes; it is robust and available in fashionable colors. For this unique leather, special care products have been developed which should be applied at least twice yearly according to the instructions. This will ensure the preservation of cleanliness and beauty of the furniture and maintain the 5-year guarantee.


Arguments that make leather a convincing natural product:

  • leather is long-lasting - it is famous for its robustness
  • leather is a luxury product - its look and feel create a unique atmosphere
  • leather furniture is one of a kind - every hide is unique
  • leather is alive - daily use lends it a natural and relaxed character
  • leather is skin-friendly - it is soft and breathable
  • leather is hygienic - dust, hair, and other particles are negated by its surface
  • leather is best suited to people who are allergic to dust
  • leather is easy to care for 
  • leather is a recycled product - it is a by-product of the food industry