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Plstermöbel Oelsa - Funktion mit Komfort


Furniture market: M.O.W. 07.05.09

Good resonance at the M.O.W.

Heiko Langer, manager of distribution at Polstermöbel Oelsa, is extremely pleased with the results of the M.O.W. in Bad Salzuflen. The reason for his pleasure is the clear increase in new customers and the presentation of the new "Modern Living" collection.

Furniture market: imm cologne 2009 15.01.09

A piece of German furniture history

… is celebrated this year by Polstermöbel Oelsa GmbH; the company turns 140 years old. Founded in 1869 by Ferdinand Reuter in Rabenau, active employees in Germany still ensure today that this demanding functional furniture is produced according to the highest quality standards. 

SZ August 2008 28.08.08

Furniture craftsmen gear up for growth

In spite of a feeling dullness in the furniture branch, Polstermöbel Oelsa GmbH in Rabenau makes a new investment. As General Manager Andreas Käppler highlights, revenue should increase over the next 8 to 10 years by up to 50 percent. This also includes expansion in production. The first step in this direction was the decision to stock up the sewing department.

Furniture market: imm cologne 2008 13.02.08

Crafted for the senses

PM Oelsa presents at the International Furniture Trade Show in Cologne under this year's motto of "Crafted for the senses". The highlight of the trade show was not only the new "Madrid" furniture series, which is intended to expand the Selecta Collection introduced in the Fall, but also the modern Florida series. Thanks to exciting functions like backrest and simultaneous seat depth adjustment, as well as the bed function, this was able to achieve absolutely satisfying results at the show.

Furniture market: M.O.W. 2007 15.10.07

Total success

PM Oelsa presents its new Selecta Collection at this year's M.O.W in Bad Salzuflen, including the functional furniture series "Lissabon" and "Andorra" in the exclusive "Emotion royal" covering, making it a success at the show. The new furniture ranges are exciting due to their nearly unlimited diversity. For the same price, selection is possible between three different lateral sections and two different convenient seat heights.