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Plstermöbel Oelsa - Funktion mit Komfort


Polstermöbel Oelsa GmbH is located in Rabenau, 14 km before the gates of the Saxon capital of Dresden. For over 400 years, chairs have been produced here, which is why historians refer to Rabenau as the cradle of the European sitting furniture craft. In 1869, Ferdinand Reuter founded the Sächsische Holzindustrie-Gesellschaft, the origin of the current company.

Our company has successfully been a part of this tradition of centuries-old chair production for more then 140 years. During 40 years of planned economic conditions, the company exported its products almost exclusively to the west under the name VEB Möbelindustrie Oelsa-Rabenau.

Privatization was reintroduced on 1st July 1992, and the purchase of the company by the partners Dr. Andreas Käppler, Margit Titze, and Paul Prediger laid the foundation for successful development under market -economy conditions. In the last 17 years, investment has been made here in double-digit million amounts. High-tech in the cloth warehouse, in cutting, in the sewing department, and in production controls are the reason why one of Germany's most modern factories now stands on the Burgberg in Rabenau.

More information about the chair-manufacturing site of Rabenau and its history is available from the German chair production museum