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Plstermöbel Oelsa - Funktion mit Komfort
  • 01
    Relax bed, swinging corner, table module, 1-seater with tv-module and Ohio TV chair
  • 02
     Comfortable Relax bed with large sleeping surface 
  • 03
    Comfortable Relax bed with large sleeping surface
  • 04
    Practical table element for placing things 
  • 05
    Infinitely adjustable headrest 


Tailor-made comfort - the new generation of sofa beds

This seating groupein is a virtuoso of intellgient variation and elegant design. Each headrest is individually adjustable, and relaxing functions and details like the integrated folding table fulfill every need. The extensive range of types enables you to design your own living oasis.

New: Motorized recliner function!
 Experience the recliner function with integrated motor. The footrest and back are individually adjustable. Glide stagelessly and at the press of a button via the TV function from sitting to laying with ease. The recliner's practical storage area is perfect for stowing the night's bed coverings. 

Genius functionality: Turn 1 into 3!

Transform your plush furniture corner into a comfortable divanand a gigantic double bed with a generous bedding storage area. 

Headrest function
Two different heights are possible via the adjustable backrest (relax corner not included) 

Suitable accessories you can find at  Furniture accessories.