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Plstermöbel Oelsa - Funktion mit Komfort
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    Unlimited relaxation in Mediterranean style is offered by the Rialto SoloVitalComfortSofa
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    You can choose your favourite sitting or lying position by remote control.
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    Headrest and foot part can be adjusted separately.


The single Rialto sofa provides both: Mediterranean flair and perfect relaxation. You can adjust your favourite sitting or lying position by remote control. Headrest and foot part are separately and steplessly adjustable – various options help to release and relax your spine.

However, you can also go for the manually adjustable VitalComfortSofa: Here, you can adjust the headrest and an additional storage box offers lots of space for storing things.

Be it as a single piece of furniture or combined with our rattan furniture – provide your living room with a Mediterranean flair!

Test the VitalComfortSofa!

The rattan is also available in the following personalized colours: 

Suitable accessories you can find at Rattan accessories.