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Plstermöbel Oelsa - Funktion mit Komfort
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    Rückenhöhe 90 cm: Sessel, 2-Sitzer, 2,5-Sitzer


Discover the luxury of living and experience functionaity at the highest stage. This modern three-piece-suit convinces with clear and linear design.

The Virginia offers boundless possibilities that can be individualized to your body measurement and allow you to relax in an optimal way. Two seat hardnesses, two backheights and two different back designs. Optional a 13 cm seat depth extension.

At 90 cm back height you can get a head-rest (with chrome brackets) in every subcomoponent for an extra charge. Because oft hat, the seat comfort can be rised punctual and you can still achieve a couch with a low back height.

Suitable accessories you can find at Furniture accessories.