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Plstermöbel Oelsa - Funktion mit Komfort


  • Flair

    Modern living, tangible functionality   
  • Modern Living

    Versatile functionality for highest demands on design & comfort 
  • Garden

    Our cottage style collection with Mediterranean flair 
  • Select/Selecta

    Planning versatility & functionality, setting new standards
  • Selecta Vital

    Ein Modell - Neun preisgleiche Ausführungen
  • Selecta Ergonom

    Gesundes und Ergonomisches Sitzen der Extraklasse!
  • Selecta Comfort

    Weil es eine Entscheidung fürs Leben ist   
  • Selecta Home

    Das facettenreiche Wohnkonzept  
  • Cinema

    Design for comfort - as flexible as you are   
  • Classic

    The PM cult classic sofa - protagonist in the opera "Die Fledermaus"
  • Dinner

    Appetite guaranteed - Table groups for the whole family   
  • Sleeping well

    Sweet dreams - seating comfort, perfect sleep   
  • Because our collection is as unique as you are, you may combine it however you like! Feel free to create your own custom mix!